Sunday, 27 March 2011

Comparison of Several Typical Stuctures of LED T8 Tubes / T10 Tubes (Diagrams)

Probably, we have seen a lot of LED T8 Tubes in the markets or some may have carried out some projects that involved LED Tubes practically. So how about we look into some typical LED tubes by using some structure diagrams of LED tubes? I doubt that you have seen all of them before…
Look at figure 01 and figure 03 for example, the typical structure of LED Tubes is: PC cover, LEDs, PCB, Heat sink and Driver(drivers do not show in these pictures).

PC cover: can be water-clear (transparent) and diffuse (milky).

LEDs: common LED type is SMD3528, some would be SMD5050, SMD3012 or SMD3014 etc.

Heat sink: typically aluminum but some may adopt PC (plastic) instead. Aluminum is good at rigidity and heat sinking while it significantly increases the weight of the tube.

LED Tubes 1

LED Tubes 2

LED Tubes 3

LED Tubes 4

LED Tubes 5

LED Tubes 6

LED Tubes 7

LED Tubes 8

LED Tubes 9

LED Tubes 10

LED Tubes 11

LED Tubes 12

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