Sunday, 27 March 2011

LED Lighting Market in Japan in 2010 Surged by 95%

The Japanese institutions Yano Economic Research Institute published a document in December 2010 that benefit from the measures taken by the Japanese government to increase public utilities, the general lighting market in Japan this year (2010) was stimulated. It is estimated the growth rate will be 2.7% which leads to a market of 7,420 billion yen in total. The growth rate in 2009 was 5.4% declined, the situation will be reversed in 2010.

Since Japan has revised the energy saving regulations, the demand of LED lighting products has been driven dramatically. It is expected that LED lighting market in Japan will be surged by 95.2% (2010 to 2009).

Yano said, globe-type LED light bulbs, as the major LED-based lighting product, are chiefly used to change traditional incandescent light bulbs. But but in 2010, LED lighting products which are claimed to replace fluoresent lamps are beginning to appear on the market (fluorescents dominates about 70% of Japans current market of overall lighting). Moreover, some giant local enterprises start to undertake LED light tube market which was undertaken chiefly by oversea enterprises historicallyin the past. Therefore, the LED lighting market in Japan is forecasted to be further expanded in the future.


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