Sunday, 10 April 2011

EXERGI HyperBright LED MR16 3.6W 50,000h Cool White wide flood

EXERGI MR16 LED light bulbs (Newest model) is designed to replace existing 12v low voltage MR16 halogen light bulbs.This new lamp has been re - engineered to be a direct replacement it will work on all of transformers that start with twenty VA.

So there is no require to replace your existing transformer.offering huge energy savings of up to 95% over regular MR16 halogen light bulbs. Fitted with unique HyperBright technology & world-leading CREE semiconductors, the EXERGI LED is of the brightest MR16 LED light bulbs currently on the market.

Not only do they last longer than halogen light bulbs, they also outlast other brands of LED light bulbs. Compared to other commonly-available an EXERGI five. 6W MR16 produces a brighter light at a lower energy & lasts 20,000 hours longer.

EXERGI  Low voltage retro-fit replacement lamps are designed to work with electronic transformers.

With such a low long lifetime & energy cost, EXERGI light bulbs have a staggeringly low cost-of-ownership. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours, you only require EXERGI LED light bulb for every 50 halogen light bulbs used.
There are much cheaper, inferior LED light bulbs available but don't be fooled. Plenty of of these have short lifetimes, are manufactured to lower standards or basically aren't as bright as it should be.

Unique for an LED light bulb, all EXERGI LED light bulbs are fully warranted for one year. Basically, they think EXERGI light bulbs are the best ones available on the market - with 95% energy savings, you won`t be disappointed.

Whether you have a few whole office block or kitchen spotlights a  of halogen light bulbs, EXERGI LED performs equally well. Pick from either a chilled or warm white colour the high quality light is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, shops, bars, hotels & offices. Since they emit virtually no heat, they are ideal for use in enclosed spaces such as cupboards & display cabinets.

Where to buy from and prices:                    £18.99                  £21.97

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