Monday, 11 April 2011

Free led bulbs from Totalight in UK

So is this true? Can you have your own free led bulbs? And you have not to spend so much on the first investment? The answer is just pay if you save energy with them.

Manufacturer Totalight is offering to install its ‘next generation’ dimmable LED lamps for free, in return for a share of the energy savings that they would create. All what he customer would have to do would be to disclose the pence per kilowatt of electricity that they were paying and agree the average hours of usage and Totalight would calculate an amount payable on receipt of energy bills over a two-year period. After the two years contract the customer will stay with the led bulbs and enjoy their savings.

For the pay back to work, the customer receiving the free led bulbs, lamps discloses the electricity tariff they are paying and agrees the average hours of daily usage for the lighting. Using the figures, Totalight then calculates and agrees a percentage share of the recipient’s future savings. This is then payable on receipt of energy bills over a two year period, ensuring that the recipient is achieving energy savings from the moment the lamps are installed, with no initial cost. After two years, the client takes full ownership of the lamps and can enjoy the full benefit of the energy savings.

This idea to give free led bulbs to everyone I think it a new concept and a very good idea to start with. Buy-now-pay-later funding models are common across every industry where large upfront costs act as a deterrent to capital outlay, so what is to stop lighting designers and manufacturers doing the same? You might not want to deal with the numbers yourself, but get together with a finance partner and you could unlock whole areas of the retrofit market.

Saying about the giveaway Totalight managing director Mark Blanchfield said, “By giving our new lamps away, we smash any reluctance caused by the high purchase price seen currently in the LED market. Our aim isn’t only to save our customers money on their electricity bills, but also to help them to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint helping towards CRC.”

To calculate your organisation’s own potential saving, visit for a calculator function that allows you to see both the possible energy bill cut with the new free led bulbs and the associated carbon reduction.

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