Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why the big deal about home LED lighting?

Home LED Lighting was until recently a small known backwater in the field of domestic lighting solutions with few practical applications & few fans. Well that was then. This is now.

The stark reality now is that oil supplies are running out fast which means that in future they are going to see HUGE increases in the cost of energy.

That is because:
a) at present all our energy comes from oil;
b) the law of supply & demand is still on the statute book.

Sounds grim? Well that depends on whether you buy in to the we are all doomed, who is us mentality that assumes they brought all this on ourselves (which, to be fair, they did) & now we must pay a terrible cost (literally & metaphorically).

The query then arises as to whether they will be able to fix our energy issues with existing know-how or must hope in lieu for some new future breakthrough to save the day?

An alternative school of thought suggests that actually mankind has a nice record of applying its collective ingenuity to solve most issues, even great large ones that they in fact created.
And the answer to the query? A small bit of both. They already have the know-how, it is called LED lighting; the breakthrough necessary is basically widespread adoption.
And that is why home LED lighting is widely regarded as of the hottest emerging technologies now & for the forseeable future, & of the coolest domestic lighting solutions available.

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