Saturday, 18 June 2011

Beloved LED Lights Removed from Oregon Water Tower

Residents of Junction City, Oregon were sorely disappointed to see the removal of an exquisite RGB LED lighting system from the area historic water tower last Friday. The color-changing lights, which were installed pro-bono by Eugene Conrich Electric only six months prior, were a gift from Energizing Junction City board member Danuta Pfieffer. (Pfeiffer, a lifelong resident of the area, was hoping to commemmorate the spot where her husband tried to woo her sixteen years ago.) In addition to footing the bill for the LED lights, Pfieffer also agreed to cover the yearly electric bill, as well as lifelong maintenance through a local contractor.

These are sloppy seconds that any town ought to be glad to recieve.

The city has cited mere procedural technicalities as the reason for removing the LED lights a reason that obviously still has Pfieffer and her fellow solid state lighting fans in the dark. We have had petitions all over town. Every business, residence, church love(s) these lights, they're amazing. The city desires to take them down, in spite of a whole town trying to keep them up, says Pfeiffer. The fate of her gift is still unknown, but Pfeiffer has mentioned that they might go to nearby Independence, Oregon.

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