Sunday, 24 July 2011

Japanese power problems will accelerate the development of LED lighting

In 2011.3.11, the nuclear catastrophe caused by the earthquake has damaged dozens of power plants in Kanto & Northeast of Japan. It is estimated that, in the approaching summer peak period, there will be a shortage of power supply of 500 kilowatts in Tokyo & Kanto. So the Japanese government called on companies, home to take measures of energy-saving, the target is to reduce 20% to 25% of electricity consumption.

According to the document statistics in 2008, in Japan, the ratio of home appliances & lighting consumption is 35.9% in the total household energy consumption. In fact, after the earthquake, the sales of LED bulbs have quickly increased by 10% in less than month. It can be seen, lacking of electricity will speed up the popularity of LED lighting in Japan.

Not only the general citizen, Japanese companies are also actively began to use LED lighting products. For example, the two big convenience store, 7-ELeven and Lawson, are expected to use LED lighting products in their 8000 stores before summer of 2011, while Japanese Food Group will also adopt LED lighting products in their 188 stores.

Japanese power problems will accelerate the development of LED lighting. Forecasted by DIGITIMES, 2011 in Japan, the selling of LED bulbs will reach 30 million pieces, which is 2 times of 2010.

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