Tuesday, 26 July 2011

White LED lighting costs lower - Cree breakthrough process

LED semiconductor lighting manufacturer Cree said they successfully create new system to produce leds, its color and uniformity closer to incandescent lighting, can also reduce industry production costs.

According to reports, Cree's XM-L Simple White LED lights, only four watts of power generated by up to 340 lumens luminous flux, color temperature of about three,000 K warm white, can be 85 degrees Celsius to provide lighting fixture with Ta can get replaced Track lights, picture lights, projection lighting and chandeliers.

Light-emitting diodes energy efficiency is higher than fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, but its light is blue color, not white, limit its development. If you intend to produce white light emitting diodes, or other color, it will lift the cost of manufacturing LED lighting, LED lighting from fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps higher than the price, leaving consumers stalled.

In addition to light color, manufacturing costs, the quality of mass production of light-emitting diode is also headache for the industry. Even from the same batch of products, it is difficult to ensure the same wavelength. According to Cree, the company developed the XM-L Easy White LED products, support 2 color point color correction, including two sizes 6 and12 volts.

Recently, Cree & Osram signed cross-licensing agreement, enterprises exchange patents in the white LED, anticipating mask benefit in fluorescent powder, packaging, LED lighting, control systems & plenty of other areas.

For LED industry, the current to do is to reduce LED prices, breaking constraints of color, hope to extend LED application areas. Pike Research institutes estimate that by 2020 the market value of lighting business applications reach four.4 billion on exploration, LED lighting is expected to share 46% of the market opportunities.

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