Tuesday, 2 August 2011

General Lighting –the new trend of LED lighting industry

General Lighting includes two series of indoor and outdoor lighting. Both of them need the high light efficiency, long life span, surroundings friendly. The main difference lies on the higher demand indoor lighting requires on lighting effect and lighting quality. And its consumers is more sensitive to cost.

The streetlight is the typical application of outdoor light, is the main part of the city lighting. Its power consumption takes the most of the total consumption. Traditional lighting adopts the HPS lamps as luminaries. Due to low CRI, it makes the lighted objects the obvious color distortion; Although the high CRI HPS is better, but the lighting efficiency is lower and life span is shorter. Because of this, it always has to have expensive altitude maintenance to it.

The normal HPS lamps have the bad lighting distribution, namely the bad lighting homogeneity. To reach the homogeneity demand, always the HPS lamps adopt the much higher rate power than needed. That will lead to the energy waste. So developing the street lights with high efficiency, energy saving, long life span, lovely CRI, surroundings friendly will be important. The immense outdoor lighting market demand of promote the continued progress, cost decrease & new products arise.

For the indoor lighting, the universal products are incandescent & florescent lamp. The former has the low lighting efficiency which with only around ten lumens; & the latter is unfriendly to surroundings due to the contained poison elements like mercury. So the indoor light has the higher demand to the high efficient & surroundings friendly products. However, the immense market demand, will promote the fast development of the encapsulation & technique application know-how.

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