Sunday, 2 October 2011

Philips Introduced New Roadway Luminaires

Philips Roadway Lighting has added a new series of flexible, high-performance roadway luminaires to its outdoor LED lighting portfolio.

Designed for demanding roadway environments, the RoadView Series is based on the Philips LEDgine platform, and benefits from a modular approach that protects a customer's technology investment while significantly reducing energy expenses and improving overall light quality.

Based on the LEDgine platform, it allows for different LUXEON configurations, enabling the systems to be tailored to a customer's matchless needs such as application and light output. This helps to make sure that light levels and light quality meet the application requirements, while defending investment in the lighting method by allowing it to be expanded or adjusted as the lighting requirements for a specific roadway method evolve.

Moreover, the RoadView Series can provide huge lumen packages of up to 27,000 lumens, making it an effective replacement for up to 250-400 watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) luminaires. Precision optical lenses pin point light direction and are protected with flat tempered glass that help them stay tidy and debris-free. The method simplifies installation and maintenance by tool-free access to the electrical compartment, as well as having a photocell receptacle that can be adjusted tool-free.

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  1. Good review! This new version of LED light looks better than its counterparts with better light and efficient power consumption, it is a good purchase.


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