Thursday, 14 April 2011

How And Where To Use Energy Saving Domestic LED Lighting?

The availability of domestic LED lighting solutions is increasing at an excellent rate, but right now it is still fair to say that the best way to make use of LEDs in your own household is in the applications where LED lights excel.

Then there is the query of where and how to make use of LED lighting in and around the home. Again, lack of familiarity with LED expertise means that lots of people have only encountered domestic LED lighting in limited areas such as novelty lamps, high powered LED torches and solar powered LED garden lighting.

Unlike a traditional incandescent lamp that scatters (mostly heat and some) light in all directions, an LED emits a bright, pure light that is highly directional. This makes them absolutely ideal as replacement spotlights, for replacing halogen lights which appear to be in every single place in the house these days, wasting heat and funds in equal measure.

LED lamps also stay chilled to the touch, since they convert  all their input electricity in to light and don't waste heat, and are therefore far safer than hot halogen bulbs that can present a serious fire risk in sure circumstances.

Again, LED spotlights are ideal for illuminating display shelving, installing underneath shelves and kitchen units, and lighting the insides of cabinets and even wardrobes. They can be placed right next to delicate surfaces and other objects without the slightest risk of harm due to heat. This also open up new display lighting techniques since LED spotlights can be placed adjoining to even in among the feature on display.

Although spotlights are often used as down lighters in a domestic setting, they are also ideal as display lighting, but can be difficult to put in in some areas due to the high temperatures associated with conventional incandescent spotlights.

In fact, some modern TVs already incorporate LED mood lighting by back projecting colors according to the mood of the programme being shown, but you don't need to spend out on an pricey new HDTV to get this effect. You can install LED mood lighting anywhere you like. Imagine being able to subtly fine-tune the color system in your bedroom for example according to the way you happen to be feeling at the time!

Another area where you might think about using LED lights is mood lighting. This is an area that home LED lighting opens up since lots of of the effects achievable with LED lighting are basically impossible using existing lighting expertise. LED lights can emit and mix all manner of rich, vibrant colors and even change color dynamically. These can be directed against wall, floors and ceilings to fine-tune the atmosphere of a room or can be concentrated as a focus to draw attention.

And naturally, all these techniques can be readily exported to provide outdoor lighting where low-heat, low-energy LED lights make them safe and straightforward to put in in the garden to provide courtesy lighting, illuminate particular features, or whatever takes your fancy .

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