Saturday, 30 July 2011

2011 LED Lamps Market Core Competitiveness Position

Traditional lighting giant introducing new light source, speed up LED form a new business model. Governments actively formulating environmental protection laws & regulations forbid the use of incandescent lamp. In addition, what is worth mentioning, Chinese Taiwan area LED industry rise so quickly in recent years, the chip production & package production occupy the first place in the world. Information shows that Chinese Taiwan the product's market share above 60% in the world, but its product class still cannot enter first echelon.

Due to the global illumination electricity consumption occupy 20% to total annual consumption, & 90% electricity is converted in to heat energy consumption, it is not cost-effective.

Thinking about environmental protection & energy-saving, LED lighting has become popular know-how & industry quickly. Simultaneously, governments actively formulating environmental protection laws & regulations, under market & regulations double interest stimulating, global LED industry scale will grow up so quickly.

LED lighting efficiency is obvious. Australia is the first to introduce forbiding the use of incandescent lamp regulations in 2007; the European Union through the relevant eliminated the incandescent regulations in 2009 March. Therefore, large traditional lighting company osram & philips accelerated LED lighting field layout in recent years. They promoted LED lighting to the quick development in the market, but also accelerated the pace of progress LED expertise.

The advantage of LED lighting is self-evident. LED luminous efficiency is very high, life is very long, its luminous efficiency can reach two.5 times of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp of 13 times. The incandescent luminous efficiency is very low, only 5% of the electrical energy transfers in to light energy, 95% of electricity transfers in to heat, it is wasted. As the LED lighting industry in the fields of quick development, the traditional lighting giant hope that design more rich innovation by introducing new source of illuminates product . Therefore, the LED illumination & traditional lighting these fields are gradually close two for, speed up form a new lighting business model, it is excellent for the quick LED lighting popularization.

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