Sunday, 31 July 2011

Choose LED Light Source From Nine Aspects

With the rush in to the led lighting field, as a consumers still needs to be quiet, scientific analysis to choose to best performance but favorable cost light source and lamp type. There's lovely aspects for consumer to pay attention to choose the right led light source, find the introduction as below:

1. Antistatic abilityIf the antistatic ability is strong, then the lifetime for led will last longer, so the price would be expensive accordingly. Normally the led light source which can be used for decoration its antistatic ability needs to be over 700V.

2. BrightnessBrightness is the key aspect for the led cost, if the brightness is different, then the cost would different too. The led source for lamp fixture should meet Laser Grade Class I standard.

3. Light emitting angleDifferent application of LED, the light emitting angle would be different. Special light emitting angle requires higher price. If full-diffusion angle needed, the price is much higher. 

4. Leakage currentLED is one-way conductive light-emitting body. If there is reverse current, it is called current leakage. Larger leakage current of LED would be short time and high cost.

5. WavelengthOnly the wavelength is the same, the color temperature of led can be the same. At present the wavelength of led is hard to control too, if it needs the wavelength the same then the cost would be expensive too. If without the spectrum dividing instrument manufacture is difficult to produce pure color products.

6. GelThe gel of normal led is epoxy. The price of LED preventing UV and fire is higher. The high quality outdoor LED light decoration should be anti-UV and fireproof. Every product has different design. Different design is suitable for different application. Safety design aspect of LED light decoration include electrical safety, fireproof safety, environment safety, machinery safety, health safety, safety using time etc. From electrical safety aspect, it should be suitable for international and national standard.

7. WaferThe emitting body of LED is wafer, Different wafer, the price is big different accordingly. Wafer which is made in Japan and America has a higher price than the ones made in Taiwan and mainland China.

8. Wafer SizeWafer size is indicated by wafer side length. The quality of big wafer is better than small wafer. The price of wafer is proportional to the size.

9. Lifetime differenceThe key of the quality is lifetime. The life time is up to light deprecation. Less light deprecation, the lifetime is longer. Longer lifetime requires higher price.

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