Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Limitations of Halogen and LED Spot Lights

While it is straightforward to replace halogen spotlights used as down lighters and for display with equivalent 12v LED spotlights since the purpose of the application is to emit bright directional light which LED lamps are intrinsically best at doing, it is not presently so simple to replace ordinary incandescent light bulbs with equivalent LED light bulbs.

The reason is the exact same reason that 12v LED spotlights make a nice replacement for halogen spotlights the light is focused than the diffuse scattered illumination normally gets with regular GLS (General Lighting Service) lamps.

In fact, there's the excellent EvoLux LED bulbs that compete head on with a regular 100w incandescent bulb AND can provide built in dimmer capabilities. But although these will still save you much funds over the years, the present purchase cost is above what plenty of would think about.

This is not to say that LED home lighting cannot replace a typical 40w table lamp bulb for example, but the existing products are still not ideal as replacements. The usual objections are brightness, light color and cost though even with these more pricey types of LED the upfront purchase cost is a false indicator of the true cost of home LED lighting compared to conventional lighting solutions.

However, there is a nice, simple, cost-effective interim solution available for those who dont need to commit fully to LED home lighting yet (though they will must sooner than plenty of recognize) but who also need to start saving energy while waiting for the know-how to fully mature over the next couple of years.

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