Friday, 28 October 2011

How to Install LED Tube Lights?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) tube lights are soon advancing to become the forefront of traditional lighting, that consist of fluorescent tube lights & CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). LED tube lights have a low luminous intensity, therefore they offer better distribution of light as compared to other sources of light & the intensity of glare is reduced to a greater extent. They are energy efficient & more long lasting than other traditional sources of light, hence it makes sense to save in frugal electricity bills & replacement costs. LED lighting works on the lines of green expertise, that is they generate less carbon emissions & do not contain poisonous mercury or any dangerous elements. Moreover, you don't must worry about getting the whole wiring process changed; a few simple modifications in the existing fixtures will serve the purpose. So, the next time you happen to alter your existing tube light, make definite you think about installing LED tube lights. & in the event you have already decided to put in them, here are a few tips on how to put in LED tube lights perfectly.

Installing LED Tube Lights
  1. When you start with installing LED tube lights than fluorescent tube lights, you will recognize there's main components; the ballast, the starter & the tube light that you need to get rid of. Now, the starter may not be a separate part in the whole circuit & is sometimes built in the ballast itself.
  2. Remove the elderly bulbs from the fixtures & be definite the electricity or the mains to the whole fixture is turned off while doing so. You may need simple tools like screw drivers, wires, wire stripper & cutter, some nuts & bolts; keep all of them handy.
  3. One time the elderly bulbs or tube lights are taken off you will must remove the reflector that encloses the wiring & the ballast as well. Usually, it is simple to detach the reflector, you may use the screw driver to remove this, in case it is fixed using screws otherwise you can use a wire stripper to pull out the reflector.
  4. Now, you need to get rid of the ballast & starter (if present). The ballast will have screws holding it, unscrew them using a screw driver & dispose it off. While doing so, the wiring attached to it would even be removed. Reconnect the wires in the fixture so as to complete the circuit.
  5. You are  there! Fix the reflector back in its place covering the wiring work & insert the LED tube lights in the sockets. Now, while inserting the LED tube lights you ought to be definite of the top & bottom ends, & must be fixed in to the circuit likewise. In case you are unable to identify the top & bottom refer to the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer.
  6. One time you are completed with installing the LED tube light in the fixture, turn on the mains or electricity. If all the connections are proper & the fittings are completed in the correct manner, you will have a better illumination. Your project does not finish here, it is important that you dispose off the elderly fluorescent bulbs or tube lights properly according to the local regulations. Since, these bulbs contain small amounts of poisonous mercury, that are highly hazardous.
  7. A few modifications to the existing fixture can make the installation of LED tube lights simple & more convenient than before. LED tube lights are definite to last longer & save much electricity as compared to the traditional lighting process. And they are environmental friendly & contain no poisonous mercury or the use of ballast.  
LED tube lights bring an array of lighting effects and can be readily installed without having you modify the existing tube light fixture, thus helping you modify the ambiance of any room the simpler way. They will soon see them replace the existing compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) all over.

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