Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Energy saving design from Falmec

Another fab launch at KBB London - Falmec has adapted the design of their bestselling Mirabilia range to include a LED lighting process. The energy saving LED lights not only replace the existing halogen downlights but also the internal incandescent light bulbs responsible for the ambient lighting of the stunning glass extractors.

For example, the lighting system on an existing 67cm wall mounted Mirabilia uses 140W of power; the new LED system on the same model uses a miniscule 5W of power – a massive reduction of 96%.

 The Mirabilia range of extractors is distinguishable by their unique ambient dimmable lighting behind a selection of striking glasses.  Aside from their energy-saving benefits, the new LED lights provide a purer, whiter light, giving the best visual impact when the lighting is in use.

The new LED system is available in the following Mirabilia models: Zebra, Elektra, Margherita, Manhattan, Pharo, Platinum and Maia.  And of course, the Mirabilia Manhattan is the winner of KBB Magazine’s Readers’ Product Design Award at this year’s KBB Industry Awards…have I mentioned that before?!

About Falmec 

Based in Vittorio Veneto, Northern Spain, Falmec was founded 30 years ago in 1981 by brothers, Daniello a designer & Maurizio an engineer. This formed the ideal partnership to generate extractors which are beautifully designed & expertly engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

All stages of production happen in Falmec's modern factory in Vittorio Veneto. 130 employees utilise their specific skills & experience from start to finish guaranteeing a high standard of quality & performance. From laser steel cutting to automated folding, welding to painting & all the way until the final assembly of motors & electronics, each operational phase is undertaken exactly & with great care.

When manufacturing a top-end hood, the choice of materials obviously plays a essential role. For this reason, Falmec selects & makes use of Aisi 304 stainless steel made of an 18% chrome & 8% nickel alloy. Hygienic, simple to tidy & resistant to corrosion, Aisi 304 is, without a doubt, the best material to be used in the kitchen surroundings.


Over the years Falmec has progressively regulated its activities, refined its behaviour and developed its direction to maintain an environmentally friendly business. The GREEN DEAL is Falmec's promise to make a dedication to the environment, a dedication it can realistically maintain and create for future generations.

Part of this owner is the new Noise Reduction System® or, NRS®. NRS® is initially making its debut in the existing Plane and a stunning new model, Horizon, before extending to further models throughout the remainder of the year. The method optimises air flow, reducing resistance, the principal cause of noise in extraction, and incorporates special sound-absorbing panels. The result is 25%* less noise and an  whisper-quiet extractor.
(*Compared to a traditional product with 500m3/h capacity)


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  2. led lights really helping a lot in reduction of power this is very good to know that LED's are using 96% less power than other bulbs and halogens.

  3. I think the company is based in Northern Italy

  4. Yeah, that is right. This company's production unit is from Italy.

  5. Great news for the readers and excellent invention towards LED Lighting products.

  6. this is a wonderful and detailed article. i liked it. your writing style is so nice and you share this topic with some good research and insights. i am impressed. keep sharing!!!

  7. These LED lights are a good addition. It will save the cost of energy finally and it is good because energy saved may be utilised somewhere for productive purpose also the design is cool.


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