Friday, 28 October 2011

LED Garden Lights

Led Garden Lights
Homeowners who are planning their outdoor lighting system often turn to light-emitting diode or LED garden lights because of their longevity. LED lights usually last up to 40,000 lamp hours, which can equate to twenty years in some cases. These lights also use less energy than other light bulbs.

One of the best makes use of of LED lights in the garden is with water features. Lighting water features such as ponds & fountains creates a dramatic & pleasant scene at night. It is also important that safety be thought about when adding lighting to any type of water feature to prevent the risk of electrocution. Historicallyin the past, halogen lighting was used in under water applications & worked well.

However, halogen lighting does not last forever & when the lighting fails & needs replaced the water has to be drained if the lighting is underneath the water. It is not safe to go in to the water to change the bulb because the wiring is still live even if the bulb has burned out. However, LED garden lights used under water last lots of, lots of years before having to be changed.
LED garden lights can be used to generate a seemingly limitless rainbow of colors or basically dramatic white light. There's over sixteen millions color combinations that landscape lighting designers can generate by basically using varying amounts of red, green & blue. The lighting underneath the water can be a rainbow of colors with white light dancing on top of the water with the use of LED spotlights installed around the edges of the pond.

Water features are not the only place in the garden that can be enhanced with LED lights. These lights can be used to light up pathway stones & generate amazing effects that bring inanimate objects to life through the use of light that appears to be mystical.

LED lights are ideal for the garden & the homeowner. They provide low level lighting that is cost efficient in both the power that the lights consume & the longevity of the light bulbs. Homeowners can install these lights & enjoy them for years before they require to have the bulbs replaced.


  1. LED light bulbs could very well be the next best thing in lighting. The technology is making inroads in every market, with an LED bulb for any application. LEDs have a long list of advantages over incandescent and CFL lighting. A common complaint about compact fluorescents is the ramp-up time to full brightness. Instant-on CFLs provide light instantly, but still require time to reach full brightness. LED light bulbs provide full illumination from the moment they’re turned on. It reminds me of how compact fluorescent technology slowly dominated incandescent technology. There is a similar roadblock, as well; LEDs have outlandish high prices. A lot of people taking Contractor Continuing Education will definitely agree with me.

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  3. LED Garden Lights in Saudi Arabia have been always most searched product throughout the years, as dessert parties are common.

  4. LED lights are getting hype everywhere and are basic thing you can see at homes. Having them in garden didn't surprise me, it was pretty much on cards.


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