Friday, 28 October 2011

LED Garden Lighting - Different Types

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is a flexible option for garden use that has several advantages compared to traditional incandescent lights. There are several different types of LED garden lighting available. It's possible to select lighting that is powered by solar power or units that are wired to the home's electrical system. There are also several different styles of light to choose from, including walkway lights, spotlights, floodlights, deck lights, and pond lights. Many styles of LED garden lighting are available in with white or colored bulbs which can be used to create a variety of effects in the garden.

LED garden lighting is a relatively new use for light-emitting diodes that is rapidly gaining popularity. It has several advantages over traditional incandescent or halogen lighting techniques. LEDs use far less energy than other light sources, and they last for much longer. They are also cooler to the touch, a distinct advantage in a garden so that foliage is left undamaged by hot lights. There is also reduced risk of injury to adults or children from burns.

There is as well as a giant number of different styles of LED garden lighting to select from including walkway lights, which are often used to highlight pathways or around the edges of flower beds. These are made in lots of different designs, from plain lanterns to intricately styled butterflies, & can provide a decorative flair to the garden in the coursework of the day as well.

One way to distinguish between the categories of LED garden lighting is to look at the power source. Lots of garden lights operate by solar energy. Solar panels collect energy & charge batteries in the coursework of the day, & then lights run on that power in the coursework of the night. Another option is to select electric-powered LED garden lights which are connected by wires & plugged in to the home's electrical technique. This type is also environmentally friendly because the LEDs use far less power than other light sources.

Lots of of the different types of LED garden lighting are available with colored or the typical white bulbs, thus further extending the variety of effects that can be achieved. In some regions, colored lighting is very popular & allows different areas of the garden to stand out. Lots of of the colored lights contain red, green, & blue LEDs which can be combined to generate numerous different colors. These lights can be changed seasonally to permit definite colors to highlight specific plants or to vary lighting for holidays.

Lots of other styles of LED garden lighting may even be used to highlight different areas of the landscape. Spotlights can call attention to favored areas such as prized plants or statuary, while floodlights can be used to illuminate larger areas. Deck lights are often useful on patios, decks, & near pools, allowing these areas to be enjoyed after dark. For yards with water features, pond lights can bring attention to these lovely aspects of the garden; some types may even be used underwater.

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