Thursday, 29 September 2011

Philips further expands retail lighting opportunities with its Lexel LED SLM systems

As a result of the changing and increasing competitive landscape, retailers are looking for new opportunities to distinguish themselves from the crowd to win customers. Lighting is of the ways to deliver a differentiating shopping experience. Wouter Boxhoorn, Marketing Manager for Philips OEM Lighting Solutions for Retail, explains: "We added this LED lighting know-how to our retail portfolio in order to provide a solution which allows retailers to differentiate with impact and to distinguish their brand to the maximum".

The Philips Lexel LED SLM tuneable white guarantees precision tuning across thousands of white colour temperatures (2,700K to 4,200K) due to its dedicated intelligent feedback system. The Philips Lexel LED SLM RGB offers a unit gamut colour temperature. Both modules allow color rendering (Ra) of 80 or higher and color consistency between engines across its lifetime of ≤ 5 SDCM.

For retailers, this brings new adaptability to displays, delivering an array of ambiences throughout the store, enabling varied scene setting with accent lighting luminaires. Combining an LED module and dedicated LED driver, along with an optional cable for use in new luminaires, the Philips Lexel LED SLM systems use a fixed form factor, making it fully future-proof.
The Philips Lexel LED SLM range carries the Philips 5 year guarantee and has an average lifetime of 50,000 hours.
Philips Lexel LED SLM system

Philips Lexel LED SLM system – A flexible LED lighting solution creating thousands of shades of white light and colors from a single source.

The Philips Lexel LED SLM system is designed for general lighting applications in the professional market, enabling the creation of various atmospheres with changing tones of white light and different colors from a single light source.

The system consists of an LED module and a dedicated LED driver, with a cable (optional) designed for use in new luminaries togetherwith a heatsink, reflector design and a userinterface.

A unique calibration procedure guarantees precise selection of white color temperature (CCT) from 2,700 to 4,200 K, color rendering (Ra) 80 or higher and color consistency between modules and over lifetime.

This future-proof system has fixed form and lumen packages and external heatsink and optics can be easily attached to the module. Dimmable and featuring instant 100% light, the Lexel LED SLM system can be controlled by DMX/RDM, DALI Color (209) or by a 4 button (4B) control interface. Philips Lexel LED SLM SYSTEM is a comfortable lighting solution that emits no heat or UV which also benefits retailers looking to preserve the color fastness of their products or garments. 


• Create various lighting atmospheres with a single light source
• Color quality and consistency over time and among modules
• Enable a faster luminaire creation process
• Easy use of active cooling solutions by extra 12 V output connector on LED driver
• Access to the latest LED technology without significant R&D investments
• Very high optical luminaire efficiency
• Comfortable, pleasant light without heat or UV
• Fixed form factor and lumen package
• Long lifetime of 50,000 hrs


• Shops – Shop windows, wall-washers, leisure areas, focus islands and shop-in-shop concepts
• Offices – Presentation areas such as reception, boardrooms and restaurants
• Hospitality – Lobbies, reception areas, restaurants, bars, elevator halls
• Recreation – Museums, galleries, theaters and other places of interest


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  1. as fascinating as its features are, it's price should also be mentioned, as it seems to reader that this light would be super expensive, not easy to afford by many.


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