Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Samsung Launches New 10W Light Bulb with 3000K and 550lm

In regard to the replacement for 40W incandescent light bulbs, consumers can select from not only four.4W LED light bulbs but also 10W LED light bulb manufactured by Samsung. Samsungs 10W LED light bulb with E27 socket can adequately replace 40W incandescent light bulbs, but falls short compared to the luminosity of 60W incandescent light bulbs.

This new product, named Samsung LED A19, can accomplish a 75% energy conversion rate with a lifespan of 30 thousand hours, a beam angle of 180 degree, a 550lm luminous flux and a 3000K color temperature (warm white light).

Samsung 10w LED light bulb with 3000k and 550lm

In addition, Samsung also provides cold white light products, whose luminous flux reaches 690lm.

LEDinside points out that the box package of Samsung LED A19 light bulb is labeled with a mark of Light Facts, a program of the U.S. Department of Energy. Such a label can help consumers understand the traits of the product.


  1. LED light bulbs could very well be the next best thing in lighting. The technology is making inroads in every market, with an LED bulb for any application. It reminds me of how compact fluorescent technology slowly dominated incandescent technology. There is a similar roadblock, as well; LEDs have outlandish high prices. LEDs have a long list of advantages over incandescent and CFL lighting. A common complaint about compact fluorescents is the ramp-up time to full brightness. Instant-on CFLs provide light instantly, but still require time to reach full brightness. LED light bulbs provide full illumination from the moment they’re turned on.

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