Saturday, 26 March 2011

Warm White or Cool White?

What's the difference between Warm White and Cool White?

Now, they could get all technical here and start quoting plenty of facts and figures about Kelvin ratings and so on. But they won't.

In simple terms, they have two types of bulb colour available: Warm White & Chilled White.
Warm White best replaces existing halogen lighting because it's a hotter glow to it as well as a slightly yellow tint. Chilled White produces a light which is very similar to daylight and can therefore have a slighty blue tint.

If you are looking to swap out those elderly halogen bulbs & switch to LED then they would recommend our Warm White bulbs. In the event you prefer Chilled White or need to light a specific feature in your home then try the Chilled White bulbs.

For some people this can appear a small harsh in positive areas of the house while other people prefer it. It is your choice.

One last thing which is important: Chilled White bulbs emit a slightly brighter light than the Warm White bulbs.

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