Saturday, 26 March 2011

Why LED?

LED Lighting will be the future of all domestic and commercial lighting.

Expertise has moved on and now the led bulbs are direct replacements for halogen fittings and come in a choice of colors; warm white and chilled white, and even an array of colours!

LED lighting is revolutionising the lighting industry. Until recently, LED light bulbs did not produce light and often the light output was harsh with a powerful blue tint.

Not to mention the life span of LED bulbs which in most cases is around 50,000 - 100,000 hours!  

In actual terms the savings could be:-
One 50w GU10 Halogen Bulb could cost 5.5 pence per day to run for 10 hours
This does not sound much until you multiply this by around 15 lights in the average home making 82.5 pence per day to run!
Or put it another way, over £300 per year!

LED lighting is the most efficient way of lighting your home or business. As an example, our direct replacement GU10 downlight bulbs operate using 3 watts of electricity compared to the 50 watts consumption of the traditional 50w halogen bulb.

Replacing these with our direct replacement 3w GU10 LED bulbs would mean a yearly electricity cost of around £18!

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